It all started with a muffin...

20 years ago, we had an idea. That we could make the best, most scrumptious muffin ever! A muffin that was far superior to what was currently on the market in the UK. And importantly too, a muffin that was made fresh, stayed fresh and was never frozen before it made its way to the consumer.

So, we started. Through our mother company American Muffin Company, we have made a LOT of muffins (and other yummy treats too!). Over time we made those muffins the best they could be. All was well, we had great muffins and more and more people loved them.

A few years passed and a family member was diagnosed with Coeliac disease.

We learnt first-hand how tough this can be. How difficult it can be to feel like you are missing out, not just on special occasions but also on regular days when all you want is a little treat.

It just didn’t seem right, so we went back to the drawing board and started experimenting with new gluten-free recipes for our muffins and sweet treats.

Mission Statement: Truly Gluten Free is here to offer a taste sensation without the gluten! From those who can’t have gluten to those who choose to avoid it, we aim to provide delicious gluten free muffins, cakes, flapjacks, oat bars and cookies for everyone to enjoy.